Jess Scutella and Nathan Sulecki

Jess Scutella, professional tattooist and writer, and Nathan Sulecki, professional photographer, have partnered together to craft an artistic avenue of expression and beauty to capture new attention, awareness, and understanding of Alzheimer’s disease. Having both been affected by the disease’s long reaching arms, the artists decided to come up with a multitude of ways to raise money and awareness to a younger generation, as they believe that our youth need to take up the offensive against Alzheimer’s to strength the likelihood of beating this difficult human affliction.

Jess Scutella has published his first collection of poetry, “Reflections From Waterford’s Woods”, with the preface declaring half of the book’s proceeds to benefit The book can be purchased here: Further, along with donating proceeds of his paintings, Jess travels the country touring different Comic Con events, like Wizard World, talking to people about the disease and what they can do to prevent it.

Nathan Sulecki has used his international recognition as a top-class photographer of the morbid and beautiful to further bring awareness and raise funds for organizations fighting Alzheimer’s. Moonlighting as Direct Care Provider for a Pennsylvanian nursing facility, Nathan has worked directly with families and victims of the disease.

Both wish to do more projects, more speaking events, and more work to make a bigger impact for those who need it. If you want to reach out to either artist they can be reached at their respective websites: Jess Scutella –