Barrie Stern and David Karpay Wedding

In Judaism, there is a concept of “tikkun olam”, directly translating to “repair the world.” Tikkun olam is the idea that Jews bear responsibility not only for their own moral, spiritual, and material welfare, but also for the welfare of society at large. As we embark on this journey of marriage together, we’d like to make sure we are participating in tikkun olam from the start, so in lieu of gifts, please consider making a donation to the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund.

We chose to support the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund to honor Barrie’s maternal grandfather, Harold “Hank” Strauss, who passed away in February 2021 after being diagnosed with the disease more than 10 years ago. We hope these donations will get us that much closer to a cure. Please join us in supporting this worthy cause.