Bill Cohick

A Tribute to Bill…to Dad

Home at Last

In the end, you forgot how gifted you were, or how loved you are. You gave so much to this world.  We are here to honor you and reflect on how your love can live on.

You were strong-willed and so very smart. Everything you got came from diligence, perseverance through challenging times and deep introspection.  

In your absence, we will remember to never give up the fight for what is right, compassionate and just.

You had a sense of adventure and fun that sparked laughter and made the simple times memorable.

We will use those memories to bring solace to a heavy heart and remember to keep that playful spirit alive. 

You celebrated the simple pleasures of living… passionate about talent and people, all the while keeping  “things” in perspective to the living.

            We will value the human spirit over what we may not possess 

You were selfless and loyal, most always putting your own yearnings secondary to the needs of others.

            We will look outside ourselves to uplift the down trodden.

You had a unique and special gift for helping people to feel special by listening and reacting empathically in your words and actions.

Ours is a choice…we will own our limitless power to make a difference. 

It wasn’t easy for you to live within the boundaries of what you could control and to accept what was not your to hold—well, I suppose you were human. 

Even at the end, when you were most vulnerable and lonely inside your fragile body as your great mind slipped away…your will persevered, you held strong and somehow you reached out to others with compassion, igniting smiles.

How long have you been searching and yearning for that place that felt like home, where there are no boundaries to contain your spirit and walls imprisoning free will.  It is our prayer that you awaken without fear and confusion, a heart full of passion– in a body that is limber, strong and deeply rested…with a full set of teeth…in the company of soul mates.  May you finally be at peace in your eternal resting ground…feeling that you have at last arrived– home.