Jeffrey L. Morby

Founding Board Member of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund

Jeffrey L. Morby had an extensive and distinguished career in for-profit institutions and not-for-profit organizations.

  1. Founder of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, a public charity funding research focused on finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. Co-Chairman, along with his wife, Jacqueline, of the Morby Family Charitable Foundation
  3. Financial Executive previously involved with a diversified group of financial institutions:
    1. Vice-Chairman of Mellon Bank, in charge of wholesale activities worldwide including corporate lending, money market, and proprietary investments. Chairman of Mellon Bank Europe.
    2. Director of a substantial number of financial institutions, including the Boston Company, American Express Bank, Crocker Bank, Horace Mann Insurance Company, and others, including many financial institutions in Latin America.
  4. Non-profit Involvement:
    1. Member of the advisory board of Brigham Hospital’s Heart Vascular Center and Board of Visitors of the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Public Health.
    2. Council member of World Wildlife Fund (WWF).
    3. Trustee of Duquesne University, founder of 2 Business schools, one in China and one in Argentina.
    4. Member of the International Board of Advisors of the City of Wuhan, China.

Mr. Morby received a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from Stanford University with a specialty in Operations Research, and a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School as a Howard Hughes Scholar.