High-Throughput Drug Screening for Alzheimer’s Disease Using Three-Dimensional Human Neural Culture Systems


Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has become a significant public health problem, but there is currently no cure for the disease. We pioneered a novel three-dimensional (3D) Alzheimer’s in a Dish model that can revolutionize AD drug screening. This ongoing project will identify and validate novel AD drug candidates using our 3D AD cellular model as a drug screening platform. We will continue to validate and identify AD drug candidates from natural products and microglial-modulating drugs in this period. This year, we will start a pilot drug screening to identify neuroprotective drugs against pathogenic amyloid accumulation and oxidative stress. This study’s goal is to find novel AD drug candidates directly applicable to human clinical trials.

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Drug Discovery, Drug Screening Projects


Doo Yeon Kim, Ph.D.

Luisa Quinti, Ph.D.