Mathias Jucker, Ph.D.

Professor of Cell Biology of Neurological Diseases; Board Director, Hertie Institute for
Clinical Brain Research, University of Tübingen

Mathias Jucker, Ph.D. is  Professor of Cellular Neurology at the Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research at the University of Tübingen and the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) in Tübingen, Germany. He earned his Ph.D. at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in  Zürich. His main areas of research are the cellular and molecular mechanisms responsible for brain aging and Alzheimer’s disease. He has made groundbreaking discoveries in the fundamental mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative diseases, such as the role of self-propagating pathogenic protein aggregates in Alzheimer’s disease and other disorders of the aging brain. Noteworthy are his efforts to translate fundamental and preclinical research into clinical studies and his commitment to the Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network (DIAN).

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Funded Research

These projects were made possible from Cure Alzheimer's Fund support.

Selected Publications

These published papers resulted from Cure Alzheimer’s Fund support.

Kaeser, S. A., Häsler, L. M., Lambert, M., Bergmann, C., Bottelbergs, A., Theunis, C., Mercken, M., & Jucker, M. CSF p-tau increase in response to A beta-type and Danish-type cerebral amyloidosis and in the absence of neurofibrillary tangles, Acta Neuropathologica, December 28, 2021, Read More

Rother, C., Uhlmann, R. E., Müller, S. A., Schelle, J., … Kaeser, S. A., … Jucker, M. Experimental evidence for temporal uncoupling of brain Aβ deposition and neurodegenerative sequelae, Nature Communications, November 28, 2022, Read More

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Jucker, M., & Walker, L. C. Alzheimer’s disease: From immunotherapy to immunoprevention, Cell, September 19, 2023, Read More

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