Matthias Nahrendorf, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Matthias Nahrendorf is an associate professor at Harvard Medical School and director of the Mouse Imaging Program at the Center for Systems Biology at Massachusetts General Hospital. He completed his joint Ph.D. and M.D. studies at the University of Heidelberg in Germany before moving to the University of Wurzberg, where he did his residency, fellowship and postdoctoral training. Dr. Nahrendorf joined Harvard Medical School in 2004. His laboratory focuses on the cellular and molecular processes in atherosclerosis and after myocardial infarction, using the entire spectrum of imaging modalities, including MRI, nuclear and optical imaging techniques, with a special interest in multimodal imaging. These technologies are embedded in a biologically driven research program that aims at a systematic understanding of inflammation at a basic level while keeping a rigorous translational perspective. 

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Systemic Inflammatory Networks in Alzheimer’s Disease Filip Swirski Matthias Nahrendorf 2015-10-29

Funded Research

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Selected Publications

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