AARP Features Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Discovery

Posted September 13, 2010

Elizabeth Agnvall writes in the September AARP Bulletin: “The controversial new theory gaining traction in the scientific community is that in Alzheimer’s disease the brain is not destroyed by sticky plaques – long held to be the culprit – but by free floating clumps of protein.  .  .(called oligomers).

“Plaques are no longer where the action is” says Sam Gandy . . .

Gandy’s work builds on several years of research that has been moving toward this new theory. And if the theory is correct, the drugs that target plaques – as many of the most promising medications have done in the past few years  – may not help those who have the disease”

This important and potentially paradigm shifting discovery is the direct work of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund’s Oligomer Collaborative. The article quotes CAF Research Consortium Chairman Rudy Tanzi and Research Consortium members Sam Gandy and Sam Sisodia.

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