As Number of Alzheimer’s Cases Increases, Federal Funding Continues to Decrease

Posted February 10, 2010

A Letter from Cure Alzheimer’s Fund President & CEO, Tim Armour:

For 5 years now, we’ve been saying the same thing – with increased federal funding, we will find a cure for Alzheimer’s.

We have urged the federal government to make a national commitment to increase research funding and in the Senate’s recent appropriations bill, we are finally seeing the beginnings of such a commitment.

In light of the growing burden that Alzheimer’s disease is placing on society, the Committee believes greater resources are clearly warranted. In particular, the Committee strongly urges the NIA (National Institute of Aging) to devote more funding to clinical studies, including studies of individuals who are genetically predisposed to develop early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, and renewal of the Alzheimer Disease Neuroimaging Initiative, including biomarker development studies.

This is encouraging language from the Senate, but we need Washington to do more to stop this immense crisis. According to a startling new report released by the University of Rochester, federal funding for Alzheimer’s research is actively on a steady decline. This must be reversed.

That’s why I’m asking all of you to speak up and remind our members of Congress that we need to cure Alzheimer’s now.

Please click on the link below to send a message to your elected officials and tell them you support increased federal funding for Alzheimer’s research:

Did you know that in 2010, 17% of the combined Medicare and Medicaid expenses – a staggering $186 billion – will go to Alzheimer’s care? And if we don’t invest in finding a cure today, the financial burden on our Medicare and Medicaid systems will only continue to increase.

What we do right now is critical. Let’s join together and cure this disease – not only because no one should face the prospect of losing a lifetime of memories, but, because the health of our entire health care system depends on it.

Thank you for everything you do,

Tim Armour

President & CEO, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund