Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Applauds the Obama Administration’s NAPA Plan to Fight Alzheimer’s Disease

Posted May 15, 2012

National Alzheimer’s Project Act (NAPA) Mirrors Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Approach

Washington, D.C.—Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius announced today key implementation steps of the Obama administration’s National Alzheimer’s Project Act (NAPA), including the investment of $100 million toward combating Alzheimer’s disease and the ambitious goal of having effective treatments and preventative approaches for the disease by 2025.

Upon Secretary Sebelius’ announcement, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund President and CEO Tim Armour released this statement:

“Cure Alzheimer’s Fund has actively supported leading Alzheimer’s researchers since our non-profit’s inception, and President Obama’s plan only further reinforces the critical need to help fight this devastating disease.  We’re pleased the administration’s research strategy mirrors the approach that Cure Alzheimer’s Fund has been following since our beginning. Focusing on the genetics of Alzheimer’s is the path to a cure and the research already supported by Cure Alzheimer’s Fund has provided the basis for additional research announced by HHS.

“As the baby boomer generation comes into retirement age, we are going to have a much larger Alzheimer’s crisis than we do now if steps are not taken immediately to find treatments and preventative measures. Cure Alzheimer’s Fund has been working around the clock with top Alzheimer’s researchers. One hundred percent of all donations to Cure Alzheimer’s Fund go to research with the best probability of understanding the origins of the disease and thereby hastening development of effective therapies for those currently affected as well as those who are at highest risk for the disease in the future.

“Already, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund has been behind some of the greatest advancements in understanding the disease, including the Alzheimer’s Genome Project™ under the direction of Rudolph Tanzi at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, which has identified more than 100 new Alzheimer’s gene candidates. We are gratified that the Obama administration has recognized the urgent need to combat this disease. We look forward to the increased opportunities for discovery and drug development afforded by the Obama administration’s support.”

According to a press release from HHS, the president’s proposed FY 2013 budget provides a $100 million increase for efforts to combat Alzheimer’s disease.  These funds will support additional research ($80 million), improve public awareness of the disease ($4.2 million), support provider education programs ($4.0 million), invest in caregiver support ($10.5 million) and improve data collection ($1.3 million).

Read the NAPA plan here.

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