Dr. Tanzi Presents “State of the Art” Lecture at the Prestigious International Geneva/Springfield Symposium on Advances in Alzheimer’s Therapy

Posted March 26, 2010

The researchers who support the Cure Alzheimer Fund always impress us!

Dr. Rudy Tanzi, Chair of the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Research Consortium, director of the Aging and Genetics Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital and Kennedy Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School, was asked to deliver a “State of the Art” lecture on Friday, March 26, at the 11th International Geneva/Springfield Symposium on Advances in Alzheimer’s Therapy.

The bi-annual event distinguishes itself from other scientific meetings by “focusing entirely on the pharmacological therapy of Alzheimer’s Disease with particular emphasis on the discovery of new drugs” and the fact that it is organized by a European entity, University of Geneva Medical School, and a university in the United States, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. Tanzi spoke about “Novel Alzheimer disease genes and emerging biological pathways”, and building on his laboratory’s identification of over 100 candidate Alzheimer’s genes, funded by Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. The conference runs for four days and brings together leading Alzheimer’s researchers from around the world.