Martha Stewart on the “Silver Tsunami”

Posted January 28, 2010

Martha Stewart believes our nation is ill-equipped for the “silver tsunami” that is quickly approaching — and we agree with her.

Stewart recently posted her views on the popular blog, The Huffington Post, calling the nation’s rise in the number of elderly citizens, America’s “other health crisis.”

Life expectancy rates in this country are at an all-time high and with advanced age comes the increased threat of Alzheimer’s. This disease will affect 115 million of our loved ones, family members and friends by 2050, but, if we fail to find a cure, the cost of treatment and care for Alzheimer’s patients will be $2 trillion, potentially bankrupting the entire health care system.

We have a tremendous opportunity to end Alzheimer’s disease by 2020, so that our sons and daughters never face the tragic prospect of losing a lifetime of memories.

Stand with us and urge Congress to support increased funding for Alzheimer’s:

We can all agree that Martha Stewart’s blog post touches on an increasingly important aspect of health care reform that we, as a nation, have not appropriately addressed. Just as Martha concludes her piece:

We’re all in this together. Whether or not you care about older people, you will, if you’re lucky, be one of them. It’s not just a demographic. It’s personal — it’s you, your parents, your aunts, uncles, friends and children. We need to do a better job caring for this population — and supporting those who care for them.

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