Our Research Approach

Posted August 21, 2009

We fund research with the highest probability of slowing, stopping or reversing Alzheimer’s disease.

Our approach consists of two principals:

1. The research we fund is based on a 4-part roadmap:

(1) find all the genes that contribute to risk for the disease;

(2) figure out which ones contribute the most and offer the best prospects for   treatment;

(3) determine how these genes actually lead to increased risk;

(4) and find the drug therapies that can most safely and effectively disrupt this link.

In contrast to a scattershot approach, which spreads funding across a broad array of unrelated research in the hope of a breakthrough, we believe that following this 4-part roadmap is the best method for developing effective treatments and more quickly finding a cure.

For more information about our funded research, read our Roadmap to a Cure

2. We apply a venture capital approach and use best practices from the business world, including:

□    World class leaders: We support a carefully selected group of scientists and are managed by experienced boards and staff.

Research and funding decisions are guided by a Research Consortium, made up of seven leading Alzheimer’s disease researchers and clinicians from major universities.

In some cases, the research is conducted by members of the Research Consortium. In others, it is conducted by researchers identified by the Consortium as having the best chance to make significant progress toward a cure.

The decisions of the Consortium are audited by a Scientific Advisory Board, which ensures that all funding is directed toward only the most promising research consistent with the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund roadmap.

□    Transparency to all parties: executed through our Quarterly and Annual Reports and with sharing of all research. Recent reports can be found here.

The Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is dedicated to making all funded research available to the scientific community and the public as soon as possible and at no charge.  Our goal is to cure this debilitating disease

– not to profit from our discoveries – so we will never attempt to commercialize any product or process resulting from our funding.

□    An entrepreneurial culture: We are lean and minimalize process. We encou

rage prudent risk taking for maximum investment.

We have no endowment and because all operating costs for the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund are covered by our Founders, every dollar donated is applied directly toward funding research.