Thanks to you, 2011 at Cure Alzheimer’s Fund has been a great success!

Posted January 4, 2012

While donations attributable to 2011 are still arriving, it is clear that donors have contributed more to Cure Alzheimer’s Fund (CAF) in 2011 than ever before, a record making year of $4 million plus! A surge during the last weeks of the quarter has made the difference, for which all of us–founders, staff and researchers–are deeply appreciative.

It is particularly important that we sustain this momentum to accommodate the need for more resources to fund the excellent research progress being made. At the end of our fourth quarter, several new proposals for funding were received which underscore three important trends:

  1. The Alzheimer’s disease research field in general, at least in part being driven by research funded by CAF, is now much closer to consensus about the origins of the disease.
  2. There is growing agreement about the importance of identifying those at risk for the disease decades before they become symptomatic, and developing therapies to stop or significantly delay the pathology before it becomes symptomatic.
  3. Several research projects funded earlier by CAF now are headed toward drug development to help those who are already suffering from the disease.

This is tremendous progress for an organization only six years old, and all made possible because of the generosity and commitment of our donors. It is humbling for those of us charged with the responsibility of deploying your funds for the greatest impact, and we feel that responsibility and your faith in this venture every day.

Thank you for your tremendous contribution to research with the highest probability of slowing, stopping or reversing Alzheimer’s disease.


Tim Armour
President and CEO