Molly Potter

On April 27, 2014 I will competing in my second half marathon in Washington, D.C.  I decided that I wanted to run this race for something bigger than myself, and I wanted to dedicate this race to my grandmother. In 2012, my grandmother, Anne O’Connor, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. 

Throughout my whole life, “Grammy” has always been there for me, whether it be to drive me from one activity to another, cheer me on at swim meets, support me in following in her footsteps to become a teacher, or just do what she does best, chat. Grammy constantly is touching the lives of anyone she encounters, whether it be one of her piano students, or someone she decided to chat with in the line at the grocery store, she spreads love wherever she goes. 

This is why I would love to help raise money to find a cure for this disease.  I found out about the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund while reading a fitness magazine that featured a woman who ran to raise money, and I immediately knew I wanted to do the same.  Nothing would make me happier than to help Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, and I would greatly appreciate any contributions to this cause.