Rachel and Alastair Lawson

Hello friends, family and hopefully enormously wealthy potential donors! Thank you so much for visiting our fundraising page! Rachel and I have decided to run our 1st ever half marathon on April 13th 2014 in Fort Collins, Colorado. We are looking to raise as much money as we can for an amazing cause very close to our hearts. Sadly our two families have been affected by Alzheimer’s, with both our grandmas (Grandma Myrtle and Janet) and my Aunt Betty diagnosed within the last few years. We think we have found THE perfect organization (Cure Alzheimer’s Fund) that we believe has a great chance in making a breakthrough in beating this horrible disease. 

Any donation would mean the world to us, our families and to the millions of other Alzheimer’s sufferers that the condition has and will affect around the world.

We promise to keep you all updated on our slow and painful (it’s a marathon, not a race) training program with regular photos and blogs. Should we raise over $150, we will throw in a few videos of us trying to complete some rather audacious challenges! When the big day comes and we do finish the marathon, we will without a doubt post all sorts of pictures to prove we made it and are still breathing.