Audrey H. Block

Audrey Barbara Houseman Block was a wonderful wife, mother and grandmother.

She was married to Sol for 58 years before he passed in 2014.  She was Mom to Laura, Dan, and Melissa.  She was Bubbe (grandma) to Maryssa, Victoria and Zachary.

Audrey had a love for music and traveling.  She and Sol would combine the two, traveling around the US to Jazz festivals, taking Jazz cruises and attending Elder Hostel’s, where they took courses about music and other interests.  They were always meeting and making new friends along the way.

Audrey went back to school in her late 30’s to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, while raising her three kids and keeping the house in order.  She became a CPA and later worked for the IRS as an auditor where she retired after over 15 years of service.

Mom was well known for her quick wit.  She was always quick with a joke (often dirty).  She loved board games, mainly because it would bring all of us together.  She was the family Scrabble champion, and was always able to “let us know” when we were trying to make up a word.

Audrey had many nieces and nephews, cousins, and a vast multitude of friends that all admired her and looked to her for her wisdom, guidance, and easy going manner.  Audrey and Sol would travel to Baltimore often to visit family and friends.

Sadly, Audrey had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s for the past nine years.  She understood what was going on and would often say in her normal, great attitude “It is what it is!”  Her short term memory was failing but her long term memory was never affected. Her passing was peaceful as she never got to the point of not recognizing loved ones, and she did not suffer.

One of Audrey’s final wishes was for people to not mourn her passing, but to appreciate and remember the wonderful times and memories she enjoyed with each of us.

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