Marcia Pluwak

Marcia “Marcy” passed away October 23, 2021, after a long battle with Alzheimer’s.   Survived by loving husband of 33 years, Peter, daughter Natalia, brothers John Giffin, Tom (Mary Giffin), and Bruce Giffin.   Marcy was a graduate of Drake University, where she was active in the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority.  She spent her career with Wells Fargo, where she met her future husband, Peter, at a company holiday party.  They were married in August 1988.  In 2001, they adopted a little girl from Ukraine, Natalia.   Natalia was the joy in Marcy’s heart.  Marcy was a loving mother and Natalia filled that void in Marcy’s life that a child brings to a marriage.  Marcy was beautiful person with a cute smile and Bette Davis eyes.  She loved being among people and attending social events.  One of her greatest joys was going to the family cabin in Northern Wisconsin.   She enjoyed nature and the great outdoors and having get togethers with the neighbors.  Marcy was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s when she was 60 years old.   Her last 18 months were especially difficult as her motor functions declined.  She died in home hospice care peacefully at home surrounded by family.  She is greatly missed by her husband, daughter, brothers, and friends.   Marcy was always a shine light.