Brain Entry and Exit Consortium: Biochemical and Functional Analysis of Cerebrospinal Fluid and Lymph Following Changes in Brain Fluid Dynamics

2022, 2023

In the central nervous system (CNS), the lymphatic system, together with the glymphatic system, controls fluid and waste disposal. As such, meningeal lymphatics are pivotal for maintaining fluid balance and, overall, a healthy brain. Our goal is to characterize the molecular mechanisms regulating the CNS lymphatic system by studying newly identified molecular players that regulate its function. Once completed, our studies will have characterized the proteins/molecules that regulate fluid and waste disposal in the brain. These studies will help uncover and potentially harness mechanisms that facilitate brain fluid clearance that is beneficial for preventing cognitive dysfunction.

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Studies of Alternative Neurodegenerative Pathways, Translational


Laura Santambrogio, M.D., Ph.D.