Catalyst Society Video Conference with Murali Doraiswamy, M.D.

Posted July 9, 2017

You are invited to participate in an exclusive Catalyst Society Video Conference with a member of the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Research Consortium.

Clinician, scientist and policy leader Murali Doraiswamy, M.D., will speak about research progress and give insights into sex-based, ethnic and racial disparity in the diagnosis of the disease.

The presentation will start promptly at 1 p.m. EDT and will be followed by a Q&A. If we are unable to address your question during the live conference, we will post answers to any remaining questions to this page.

If you wish to participate, please RSVP to Connor Swan at [email protected], or (781) 237-3800.

Instructions for Participation

This presentation will be broadcast via WebEx. To view the presenter slides and ask questions, you will need to join online or via the WebEx Mobile App. Online users will have the option to receive audio over the phone or through their computer. If you wish to participate by phone only, instructions are below under “Joining Audio Only”.

Joining Online

  1. Go to the following link:
  2. Enter your name and email address
  3. Enter the event password Catalyst
  4. Click “Join Now”*
  5. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen to access audio

*If this is your first time using WebEx, you will be prompted to download the WebEx software.  We recommend going to the following link ( at any time before the event to download the application and work through any technical issues.  If at any point you have a problem, please call Cisco WebEx Technical support at 866-863-3903 and they will help walk you through it.

Joining on a Mobile Device (Tablet, Smartphone, etc.)

  1. Download the Cisco WebEx Meetings app from the App Store
  2. Click on “Join a Meeting”
  3. Enter the event number: 661 530 166
  4. Enter your email and click “next”
    • You may be taken to another page.  Enter your First and Last name and click “submit”.  You are not required to fill in anything else.
    • You will be taken into the event.  To access audio, click on the phone icon.  You will have the option to call in via your device’s internet connection or via telephone.

Joining Audio Only

  1. Dial 1-240-454-0879
  2. Enter Access Code: 661 530 166

Please note that Audio Only attendees will not be able to take advantage of the live Q&A.

How to Participate in the Q&A Portion of the Presentation

You may submit questions at any time during the presentation. We will answer as many as possible at the end of the program.

  1. Make sure the Q&A tab in the upper right hand corner of the screen is selected
    • When selected it will appear as a blue, filled in box containing a question mark
    • Direct all questions to Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Admin
    • Type your question into the box provided at the lower right hand corner of the screen and hit send

You will also be receiving a reminder email the day of the presentation.

If you have any problems joining the event, please call the Cisco WebEx 24/7 Support at 866-863-3903.  Press 1 for technical issues and then Press 1 again for help as an attendee joining the presentation.

About Dr. Doraiswamy

Murali Doraiswamy, M.D., is a Professor of Translational Neuroscience as well as Director of the Neurocognitive Disorders Program in the Department of Psychiatry at Duke University Medical Center. He also served on the Executive Committee of the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences and as a Senior Fellow at the Duke Center for the Study of Aging. Dr. Doraiswamy directs a leading clinical trials unit which has been involved in the development of many of the products used today to treat cognitive and neuropsychiatric conditions. He is also widely recognized for his work in the study of imaging biomarkers (such as MRI volumetrics, amyloid PET and functional MRI). Dr. Doraiswamy is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (London), a Fellow of the American Neurological Association and a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Brain Research. He also serves as an advisor to leading government agencies, biotech and health companies, and patient advocacy groups. Dr. Doraiswamy is a brain health advisor for Men’s Health magazine and serves as an Alzheimer’s advisor for AARP. He is co-author of a popular book, The Alzheimer’s Action Plan.

About the Catalyst Society

The Catalyst Society is a select group of donors to Cure Alzheimer’s Fund who are catalyzing the groundbreaking research that is moving us closer to preventing, slowing or reversing Alzheimer’s disease.

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