Ninety Seconds with Co-Founder Henry McCance

Posted May 4, 2013

Henry McCance, chairman emeritus of Greylock Partners, co-founded Cure Alzheimer’s Fund (CAF) in 2005 after getting frustrated with the lack of knowledge about the disease when his wife was diagnosed. He was interviewed by the Boston Business Journal about his venture capital approach to funding Alzheimer’s disease research.

McCance has been with Greylock, a highly esteemed venture capital firm, for many years. He’s now helping Cure Alzheimer’s Fund support the most productive research using the principles he has learned in his VC career. He explains in the interview, “We challenge [our] researchers to give us the hardest projects that they have – the most exciting, the most promising projects that they can’t get funded from other sources, traditional sources like NIH because frankly the projects are deemed to have too much risk.” Once these researchers prove the potential of their projects with the funding they receive from CAF, they often go on to receive much larger grants from those “traditional sources”.

Click here to read the Boston Business Journal article and watch the interview video.