NOT YET – An Alzheimer’s Story

Posted February 27, 2023

by Arthur Shore

JUNE 7, 1952

Jane and Art, two 21-year-old strangers from Massachusetts, first met while participating in a military wedding in Louisiana for their friends.

SEPTEMBER 10, 1955

Jane and Art married and raised five children through college while traveling around the country, enjoying the family, fulfilling their careers, and living in lovely homes in various locations. Jane inherited Alzheimer’s disease at birth, as did her three older siblings, unbeknownst to all of them, until later in life. Just as Jane and Art’s love for each other grew stronger, as time went on, so did the Alzheimer’s, showing up randomly but progressively as Jane’s life went on. Near their retirements, the Challenging Alzheimer’s Years were beginning, so Jane and Art began their 24/7 Partnership. Knowing each other well, having a deep love of 60 years of marriage, and much respect and trust, they worked well together. They managed to continue travel and share some of a routine life until Hospice and the end, with family support, love, and encouragement.

So many people are plagued with the devastations of Alzheimer’s and other Dementia related diseases, including two of Jane and Art’s beloved five offspring, one with Early Onset Alzheimer’s and the other with Parkinson’s disease.

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(NOT YET is an abbreviated version of a memoir written of Jane Mary Maher’s life story. The author is Arthur William Shores, Jane’s husband of 60 years, and tells their story of living with Alzheimer’s disease, heartfelt and often heart-breaking, all while raising their family of 5. Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is grateful to Art for his generosity and contribution to solving one of our world’s most devastating diseases. NOT YET is available for purchase on Amazon here